Joint replacement surgery

Medical City Fort Worth offers several types of joint replacement surgery, including:

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Arthroscopic procedures

Arthroscopy is an advanced surgical technique. It allows your orthopedic surgeon to explore the inside of your knee joint using a pencil-size device called an arthroscope. The instrument contains a miniature, high-resolution video camera. Medical City Fort Worth provides a variety of arthroscopic procedures.

Hip and knee replacements

Your orthopedic doctor may recommend joint replacement surgery. This procedure can help with issues such as chronic pain and severe arthritis.

Hip and knee revisions

Revision surgery is a procedure performed on a previously repaired hip or knee. This is a complex process that requires thorough planning and specialized tools. In the hands of a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon, revision surgery can help you live more actively and with less pain.

Hip resurfacing

Hip resurfacing is a procedure that relieves arthritic hip pain without the need for a full hip transplant. This procedure reduces the post-operative risks of dislocation and uneven leg length. The material used in hip resurfacing is also likely to last longer than conventional hip implants.

Other bone and joint procedures

In addition to joint replacement and arthroscopic procedures, Medical City Fort Worth also provides care for the majority of your orthopedic needs. From sports injuries to oncology, we have a specialist for you.

Robotic-assisted orthopedic surgery

Robot-assisted surgery for total knee replacement, partial knee replacement and total hip replacement enables surgeons to perform orthopedic joint replacement surgery — with increased accuracy.

The orthopedic robotic system provides each patient with a unique surgical experience based on their specific diagnosis and anatomy. Using a stimulated three dimensional model, the robot allows surgeons to pre-operatively create each patient's surgical plan.

During surgery, the plan is validated and any needed adjustments are made while guiding the robotic arm to perform that plan. This technology is especially game-changing for partial knee replacement surgery. Studies indicate that robotic-arm assisted partial knee replacement is two to three times more accurate than similar non-robotic procedures.

Joint care at Medical City Healthcare

Doctors specializing in joint care, called orthopedists, diagnose and treat problems related to your joints. They treat injuries related to bones, shoulders, knees and hips and relieve pain with joint rehabilitation or replacement. You may need to see them if you have strains, sprains, arthritis or chronic joint pain.

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