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Search for online childbirth and parenting classes and virtual tours across Medical City Healthcare facilities. Topics include breastfeeding, infant CPR, prepared childbirth and newborn baby care.

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COVID-19 and pregnancy

Birthing center at Medical City Weatherford

We're eagerly awaiting your baby's arrival. The labor and delivery department at Medical City Weatherford is fully equipped to make your delivery experience a happy, healthy one. From our highly trained obstetrics team to our comfortable environment and caring staff, we're here to help you prepare for labor, delivery and your postpartum experience, all close to home.

To learn more about the birthing center at Medial City Weatherford, please call our maternal newborn department at (682) 582-1102.

Full-service labor and delivery care

We believe the day you give birth should be one of the best of your life. That’s why the staff at our hospital take great care in meeting the needs of each of our new mothers, including her comfort and privacy—even her desire for luxury—with spacious labor and delivery suites. Medical City Weatherford is where excellence meets elegance and healthcare is tailored especially for expectant moms like you.

The labor and delivery services at our hospital include:

  • Private labor and delivery suites
  • Two operating rooms for planned and unplanned cesarean sections (C-sections) and a post anesthesia care unit (PACU) for new mothers
  • Personalized lactation support
  • Newborn nursery care 24/7
  • Support for rooming-in with in-room baby bassinets
  • Sleeper sofa for expectant fathers
  • Rocker/recliner for your comfort

Medical City Weatherford Labor and Delivery Virtual Tour

Take a virtual video tour of the labor and delivery department at Medical City Weatherford

Prepared childbirth course

Although having a baby is a natural thing, there are many questions expectant parents might have. The team at our hospital provides a prepared childbirth course, made up of five classes, to help you prepare for your baby's birth and give you a head start in keeping your new baby happy and healthy.

The course is led by certified nurses and instructors who provide clarification and answers to all kinds of pregnancy myths and questions. We meet in Classroom 1 at Medical City Weatherford. Participation in this course includes a tour of our labor and delivery department.

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Topics covered include:

  • Physical changes to expect
  • Choices you have about what happens during labor
  • How to care for your new baby
  • How to care for yourself during and after labor

For more information about educational opportunities or to schedule a hospital tour, please call us at (682) 582-1102.

Parent resources

If you are looking for further support, we offer a free message service, available to pregnant women and new moms with babies up to one-year-old. This service, Text4baby, sends you free messages on prenatal care, newborn health, parenting and much more. It also administers emergency health messages when a disease outbreak occurs or there is a medicine or product recall.

Visit the Text4baby website

Labor and delivery at Medical City Healthcare

Just as every baby is unique, so is every delivery. As your partner in care, we provide a customized birthing experience that begins long before your first contraction and continues well after delivery.

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