Imaging center in Arlington, Texas

At Medical City Arlington, we offer a variety of advanced radiological and diagnostic imaging services to ensure our patients receive accurate and timely results. Our radiology department services outpatients, inpatients and emergency room (ER) patients.

A physician's referral is required for all imaging studies. To consult with a physician, please call (855) 868-6262.

Accredited imaging center

We are nationally accredited by the American College of Radiology for computed tomography (CT), sometimes called CAT scanning, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Advanced imaging technology

Our radiology department uses state-of-the-art imaging services to look inside the body to collect data so our medical team can make an accurate diagnosis and recommend the best course of treatment.

Picture archiving communication system (PACS)

We use an advanced radiological imaging system called PACS, which creates high-resolution, digital images that multiple practitioners can view simultaneously. This technology facilitates multidisciplinary collaboration and expedites the diagnostic process.

Breast imaging

Our breast health program, Solis Mammography at Medical City Arlington, is a comprehensive breast imaging center providing the full range of breast screening and diagnostic services, including 3D mammograms and breast ultrasounds.

3D biplane radiological imaging

Our 3D biplane technology allows 360-degree imagery, enhancing visibility and enabling minimally invasive treatments. Additionally, with biplane technology, treatment options for high-risk patients increase. Physicians can locate, assess and treat tiny lesions while preserving healthy tissue with this technology.

Meet the imaging team

The experienced radiologists at Medical City Arlington offer expertise in a wide range of multidisciplinary specialties and subspecialties and are capable of diagnosing any medical condition.

Our commitment to patient safety

Medical City Arlington ensures the administration of lower doses of radiation to patients by adhering to patient safety practices established by the HCA Radiation Right Program. Furthermore, our hospital is committed to the efficiency and accessibility of patient information—we include medical images in electronic patient records and give them to our patients' healthcare providers.

Our main campus imaging center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Valet parking is available at our front entrance, which faces Matlock Road and has three flagpoles. The valet attendant will give you a ticket—bring it in with you to the registration desk for validation.

Our address is:

3301 Matlock Rd.
Arlington, TX 76015

Imaging services at Medical City Healthcare

Imaging services refers to the performance of imaging exams for better visualization and treatment of medical conditions. Different exams allow radiologists and physicians to view structures and activity within the body. Imaging exams are vital for diagnosis and there are a wide range of tests that can be performed.

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