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Deb Curfman

Deb Curfman
Posted on: 02/14/2020

Deb C’s bariatric surgery

On a family vacation, Deb Curfman’s granddaughter asked the group to slow down so she could catch up. Weighing 285 pounds and with borderline diabetes and hip and knee pain that often prevented her from walking, Deb had reached her physical limits. “I was mortified and thought to myself, ‘She shouldn’t have to worry about me, it should be the other way around,’” Deb said. “That’s when I knew I had to take action and make a change.”

Easier said than done. For Deb, managing her weight had been a lifelong challenge. She had tried countless diets, exercise, holistic treatments, medication and even a Lap-Band procedure—all without lasting results.

However, Deb remained committed to losing weight so that she could be an active participant in her grandchildren’s lives and care for her loved ones. She attended a bariatric surgery seminar at Medical City Lewisville and was impressed with the physicians and their approach to long-term success. Together with her surgeon, Lauren Buck, MD, Deb made the choice to have a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric sleeve procedure.

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Now 100 pounds lighter, energetic grandma keeps up with grandkids

Post-surgery, Deb is more than 100 pounds lighter and has enough energy to once again enjoy time with her active grandchildren. Exercise used to hurt her joints, but now she works out at the gym at least three times a week. “Medical City Lewisville’s nursing staff was exceptional. Dr. Buck and Susan Bowlin, the bariatric nurse practitioner, were incredibly invested in my entire journey,” Deb said. “I knew that I had made the right choice.” Deb encourages others in her situation to research their options. “Surgery is not a simple fix, it is a lifetime commitment — like marriage,” Deb said. “But the journey becomes fun and satisfying as you set goals, surpass them and set new goals.”

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Deb Curfman
Posted on: 02/14/2020

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