Advanced surgery in North Richland Hills

At Medical City North Hills, we are focused on providing you with advanced surgical care in a comfortable environment. Using the latest technology, we offer a range of procedures, from open-heart surgery to robotic hysterectomies.

To learn more about surgery at Medical City North Hills, call our Ask a Nurse free, 24-hour nurse line at (817) 210-1684.

Types of surgery we offer

When you come to us for advanced surgery, you are in good hands. At our hospital, an expert surgical team walks with you from prep to recovery to ensure you have a seamless experience.

Procedures we offer include:

Your choice for robotic surgery

Robotic surgery gives surgeons greater precision, control and access to hard-to-reach areas, allowing complex operations to be performed through just a few small incisions. Now, minimally invasive techniques can be used for procedures whose complexity once required open surgery.

Robotic hysterectomy

Traditional open surgery using a large incision has been the standard approach to many gynecologic procedures. However, open surgery can cause significant pain and a long recovery process. It can also threaten surrounding organs and nerves. For complex hysterectomies and other gynecologic procedures, we offer robot-assisted surgery as an effective, less invasive treatment option.

As a Five-Star Recipient for Hysterectomy and Gynecologic Surgery recognized by Healthgrades, we are committed to offering advanced surgical procedures.

Texas Pediatric Surgery Center

The Texas Pediatric Surgery Center treats patients who are 3 months to 21 years old. We offer specialized surgeries like tonsillectomies, hernia surgery and orthopedic operations in a cheerful, kid-friendly environment. Our mission is to provide high quality pediatric surgical care from a surgery team you can trust.

Getting to your surgery appointment

The surgery department is located on the back side of the hospital. We offer a pickup and drop off area next to the surgery entrance for your convenience. You may park in the lot closest to the surgery entrance.

Surgery at Medical City Healthcare

Surgery is the medical treatment of diseases or injuries with instruments used to influence the body. Surgery is used to correct injuries and improve function as a medical necessity or on an elective basis, including some plastic surgery procedures.

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