Medical City North Hills offers terrific opportunities for career and family volunteers looking to make a difference in your local community. Maybe you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer while the kids are in school? Or maybe you are looking for a part-time second career that is both rewarding and fulfilling? Regardless of the reason, the perfect opportunity is right here at Medical City North Hills. Career or family volunteers are rewarded in the following ways:

  • Rewarding: Develop a sense of pride in your contributions to a greater good
  • Flexibility: We work around your busy schedule with volunteer shifts that are convenient to your busy lifestyle
  • Friendships: Volunteering provides an opportunity for you to development meaningful friendships
  • Involvement: Volunteers participate in charity programs and other special projects
  • Patient Programs: Lead and develop programs that contribute directly to patient safety
  • Partnership: Partner with a spouse or friend to volunteer together

Take the first step in joining us today! Simply complete the online application, and we will contact you to set up an interview and you will be on your way to an exciting career as a volunteer for Medical City North Hills.