Texas Two-Step Nursing Program

Medical City Healthcare offers a Two Step Nursing Program in partnership with Collin College.

  • Must be employed at a Medical City facility for a minimum of six (6) months.
  • Must be in good standing with the facility; no disciplinary action/write-ups within previous four months.
  • A recommendation letter from the manager or director on hospital letter head addressing professional behavior, attendance, work ethic and attitude should be submitted to the Site Coordinator.
  • Two-year employment commitment and completion of BSN degree (2nd step).

Official application deadline for fall semester: May 31
Official application deadline for spring semester: August 31

CCC Eligibility & Program Guidelines

  • Application of Collin College Nursing Department January 15 (summer entry), May 20 (fall entry), August 31 (spring entry).
  • Completion of all seven primary prerequisites with a minimum GPA of 2.5:
    • ENGL 1301
    • BIOL 2401 (A&P I)
    • BIOL 2402 (A&P II)
    • BIOL 2420 (Microbiology)
    • PSYC 2301
    • PSYC 2314
    • Humanities course
  • Completion of PSB exam (Nursing School Aptitude Exam) with score of 40 for each of the eight categories.
  • Submit a completed application with official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended, including Collin College.
  • All immunizations, current TB, current CPR from American Heart Association are also uploaded in the application process.
  • For NON-Collin College Students: Submit the Disciplinary Action Disclosure Release Form (found in the information packet) to the Dean of Students or other administrative officer in charge of student disciplinary records at current or last institution attended.
  • Submit a Manager Reference letter on hospital letterhead addressing your work ethic, attitude, attendance, etc. to your Site Coordinator.
  • Submit all copies of unofficial transcripts, TB, CPR-AHA, immunization records including meningitis to your Site Coordinator.

BIOL 1406 is the required prerequisite for enrollment into BIOL 2401.

***BIOL 2401, BIOL 2402, and BIOL 2420 must be completed less then 5 years prior to the anticipated program start date.

For more information regarding the program or to obtain a packet, contact your site coordinator:

Chantal Bontemps-Christian, MSN,RN RNC-OB (469) 258-2752 or email Chantal Bontemps-Christian (Medical City Denton, Las Colinas, Lewisville)

Gary Huey MSN, RN-BC (972) 547-8120 or email Gary Huey (Learning Manager for Medical City Frisco, McKinney and Plano)

Debra Mezo, MSN, RC-OB (214) 733-3307 or email Debra Mezo (Medical City Dallas, Children's, Green Oaks)

Suzanne Wetmore, MSN, RN-BC (817) 347-1185 or email Suzanne Wetmore (Medical City FW, Alliance, Arlington, North Hills)