What to expect during your upcoming hospital visit

At Medical City Healthcare, the safety and security of our patients is our top priority. We value the trust you are placing in us to provide you with a safe experience during your stay.

Enhanced safety protocols

Now as always, our commitment to providing safe, high quality healthcare is unwavering. To provide that level of safety and security to all patients and colleagues, here are some of the enhanced protocols we have initiated:

  • Screening/Testing: Every patient, colleague, caregiver and physician must pass the entrance screening before entering our facilities. Patients who have procedures scheduled will be screened over the phone and again when entering the hospital. Some patients will be required to have COVID testing prior to hospital admittance; learn more about pre-admissions testing below.
  • Limited Visitors: Medical City Healthcare is taking proactive measures to help ensure the health and safety of patients, caregivers, colleagues and our communities. See a complete list of visitor and screening guidelines in our COVID-19 Resource Hub.
  • Universal Masking: Everyone in the hospital is required to wear a mask. You will be provided a mask when you enter the hospital.

Pre-admissions testing

Depending on the results of your phone screen, the procedure you are having done and a variety of other factors, you may be required to have a COVID test prior to your hospital admission. Either way, you will receive a separate sheet with detailed pre-admission testing instructions to follow before your procedure.

  • If COVID testing is required, you will be given the option to have it done at the hospital where you are having your procedure or at the CareNow Urgent Care location affiliated with that hospital. The test will be part of your pre-admission process and typically occurs two to three days before your procedure.
  • COVID testing consists of a long nasal swab inserted in both sides of your nose. The test is similar to other viral tests, such as influenza. It is mildly uncomfortable but takes only a few seconds to complete.
  • If your test shows you have been exposed to COVID, this may change when you receive care, so if this happens, we will work with you and your doctor for any rescheduling needs.
  • After testing, you will be asked to self-quarantine at home until your procedure date; this will also apply to anyone who may accompany you to the hospital.
  • For added peace of mind and safety for our pregnant moms, we are offering COVID-19 testing prior to delivery. Learn more in the COVID-19 and Pregnancy section of our Coronavirus Resource Hub.

Staying connected with loved ones

We know that the support of loved ones is vital to the care of our patients. We also know that our pregnant patients want to share the joy and excitement of their delivery day with friends and family. That’s why we’re committed to helping our patients connect with those who can’t be with them in the hospital. Patients who don’t have a smartphone or tablet of their own will be provided an iPad or other device so they can call, video chat or text with loved ones.

Surgery FAQs

Enhanced safety protections

Taking extra precautions to keep patients safe.

Here are just a few of the steps we're taking:

Virtual appointments available with trusted physician specialists and urgent care doctors

Universal masking and screening for all employees, physicians, approved visitors and patients

COVID-19 testing when appropriate for patients prior to scheduled procedures

Ultra-clean environment with enhanced sanitation and validation to ensure cleaning is complete and effective

Dedicated entrances for surgical patients, limited visitation and social distancing throughout our facilities

Virtual visitation using our advanced technology to keep families connected and informed