At Medical City Healthcare, and our parent company HCA Healthcare, we’re no stranger to threats. We deal with them daily.

Infectious diseases. Natural disasters. Unspeakable emergencies.

Some may say that managing life-threatening situations is part of business as usual for an advanced healthcare network like HCA Healthcare. And it’s true.

Thankfully, that’s exactly what has helped us build a sharp set of best practices and a robust network of response teams, who help us mobilize quickly and scale accordingly in times of need.

As the threat from COVID-19 is amplified, so are our efforts. Here are just a few of the steps we are taking to assure uninterrupted care:

  • We’re limiting entry and visitors into hospitals and clinics to ensure a safe care environment for our patients and all those we serve.
  • Every colleague, caregiver, and physician is screened before entering our facilities, because protecting our patients starts with protecting our people.
  • Thorough precautions have been taken to treat patients with COVID-19. Patients that require hospitalization will be treated in isolated areas of the hospital, so we can safely provide continuous care.
  • While essential and emergency procedures will continue, we have postponed non-essential surgeries and procedures to conserve resources and limit exposure.
  • As always, cleaning to prevent the spread of infection is occurring throughout all of our care sites.

As this latest threat evolves, we are collaborating with other local health systems and federal and local health agencies, providing timely and practical updates that will help contribute to accurate reporting and consistent guidelines. While our immediate priority remains on the well-being of our patients and people, we know that sharing insights can impact care far beyond the communities we serve.

In the face of a threat, we prepare, and we take action.

In the weeks ahead, and as always, we are here when you need us.