What is Medical City Healthcare’s vaccination plan?

Medical City Healthcare and our hospitals have received a limited supply of vaccine; therefore, in line with state and federal prioritization guidelines, our focus remains on stabilizing our healthcare workforce so they can continue to provide vital healthcare services to our communities. So far, more than 17,000 doses have been safely administered to frontline caregivers, physicians and community first responders, including police and fire departments, across the Medical City Healthcare system in North Texas. Second dose vaccinations are currently underway. Additionally, we have already administered the vaccine to hundreds of current Medical City Healthcare patients of our senior health clinics who fit 1B eligibility.

I am a Medical City Senior Health Clinic patient. Do I need to call for an appointment?

Because supplies are limited, the senior clinic or physician will contact patients directly to schedule a vaccine appointment. Patients do not need to sign up or call the office.

I am NOT a current Medical City Senior Health Clinic patient, but I am in category 1A or 1B. Can I get the vaccine?
The State of Texas has established large vaccination hubs with a goal to provide more people the vaccine and a simpler way to sign up for an appointment. We encourage the public to sign up for vaccination at one of these sites. County health department websites are also a source for vaccine registration information.

For more information about vaccine hubs in Texas, visit this site.

Until the vaccine is available for everyone who wants it, it is vital that the community continue to protect themselves and their loved ones with the scientifically proven safety measures of wearing a mask, washing hands frequently and socially distancing. Only by continuing to remain vigilant will we be able to save more lives for a healthier tomorrow.