As most of you know, in 2016 I become a mom. It was the most amazing, scary, yet fulfilling day in my entire life. My husband and I felt all the things new parents feel. How is labor going to feel? Where will we be? What about delivery? When will we know? Are we actually taking a baby home? It was such a new experience for us. It is for that reason that we chose which hospital to deliver in very carefully.

After my sister-in-law birthed both of her children at Medical City Dallas and then I got a referral from a friend to go there as well, we felt like it was a no-brainer for us. In addition to that, our OB-GYN, Dr. Kathryn Waldrep, is a well-known doctor that not only could deliver babies there but her office was located a few floors down from labor and delivery. In addition, they gave us TONS of literature to help answer any questions that we just did not know to ask as new parents.

What sealed the deal, honestly, was the classes we took. We took the first-time parenting class and the breastfeeding class. They gave us tours of the labor and delivery wards, allowing us to ask all types of questions as we embarked upon our new journey as parents. The hospital and doctors made sure that we knew what to do every step, starting with our pre-admissions appointment, that we barely had any questions! This made me feel like I had a team behind me instead of walking this new journey alone.

Due to my slightly high blood pressure, Dr. Waldrep decided to deliver my daughter Olivia at 39 weeks. I was scheduled to be induced that Tuesday. I ended up having a few "false labor" moments and went into the hospital twice the week prior to my scheduled induction. The labor and delivery nurses were SO nice and gracious. They never made me feel like I was overreacting or not in labor. They checked me in and allowed me to be fully examined to see if I was indeed in labor. I wasn't, so I went home and was fine. Everything was so unknown to me and I had no idea what labor felt like, so going in to get their reassurance was such a relief.

When it was time to get checked in, everything flowed smoothly. I got my epidural, the nurses hooked me up to the baby heart monitor and I was ready to go. I feel like I had the BEST nurses ever! They were like angels. It's so important to have people that just know what to say and how to make you feel when you're in such a vulnerable place. Those nurses were amazing!

After Olivia was born, she never left my side except to go to the nursery every so often so I could sleep. I loved how my husband was able to be there with me overnight as we welcomed our child into this world. As we were loving on our daughter, they even gave us a Celebration Dinner. We had heard great things about this dinner from family and friends, so when we experienced it for ourselves it was the PERFECT cap to our new beginning. Basically, you get a gourmet meal (that's different from the regular menu) that you and your husband can chose from. It includes a full meal with dessert and drinks. They even bring a table in the room for you as well. Here a picture below of our dinner:

Celebratory dinner at Medical City Dallas

I was so excited I forgot to take the lids off before taking a photo, but the food is good!

Throughout the first day, various nurses came in to take tests on Olivia, give shots, make sure I could breastfeed, we even saw a lactation specialist right there in our room. She checked on me frequently to see how my breastfeeding journey was going. That was a HUGE relief because after labor and delivery, breastfeeding was the next journey that I embarked upon. You need someone there to help you. Trust me. Their lactation specialist is ALWAYS available to help. I felt so blessed.

After this experience, we had all the reasons for choosing Medical City Dallas to birth my son on March 29, 2018. The experience was just as good and we couldn't have asked for a better doctor and hospital staff. All in all, very impressed with what they have over there and if you need a hospital and experience that will give you peace of mind, Medical City Dallas is your place. If you're not in the Dallas area, you can also visit any of their other hospitals in North Texas. We're so grateful we listened to our friends.

Baby Olivia Bridgette Reed and Baby Olivia Bridgette Reed and Baby Olivia

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