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When we got pregnant with Liam I remember people asking us "well, where are you delivering!?" Growing up in Dallas, I knew we had a lot of great hospitals to choose from. My OB happened to deliver at Medical City which was our first choice anyways. Choosing the right hospital can be a stressful thing to do but for those of you in the DFW area I want to share why we chose Medical City for our first birth and why that choice ended up being the best one we made. They say at Medical City they deliver dreams and it could not be more true.

Choosing the Right Hospital

As many of you know I am currently pregnant again, expecting a baby girl this November! I feel like we know so much more this time not just about being parents but about what the hospital experience will be like and what we can expect. When we were pregnant with Liam I truly had no idea what to expect at the hospital. I had visited friends in hospitals after they had babies but what can you gather from an hour or two? Not much.

Mother excited about delivering baby at Medical City

When we were newly pregnant with Liam I was researching Medical City and found out about the amazing childbirth preparation classes they had. Being first time parents, we felt like a class would be a great idea. We chose three classes! Yes, maybe that's excessive but we wanted to be prepared. The first class we took was an all-day Saturday childbirth prep class. It went over everything from vaginal birth, to C-section, to how to swaddle a baby and change a diaper, to a hospital tour. The hospital tour was SO helpful and I suggest everyone do one. We were shown not only where we would be while in labor, but also after delivery, and the nursery. The next class we took was a morning breastfeeding class. While I did not end up nursing I found it quite helpful and informative. Lastly, Andrew took a "Daddy Boot Camp" class one evening. I will say he REALLY did not want to go and I kind of made him. But, when he got home he was so happy he went. He showed me pages of notes, and felt so much more confident. This is a class I think all dads should do! I saw such a huge difference in him after that.

Preparing to be parents to a son Guide for new parents

When it got closer to having Liam I opted to do pre-check-in at the hospital. We filled out all the paperwork, gave our preferences and instructions etc. It made the actual check-in process when I was to be induced MUCH quicker! It also gave us the opportunity to design the childbirth experience that was JUST right for us.

I was induced on a Monday but checked in Sunday evening. Check-in took all of five minutes and we were quickly put in a room. I had the MOST amazing nurses and every shift change I would get sad about a new nurse but I loved each one. After 13 hours of labor I ended up having a C-section because my body was JUST not responding to medicine. My C-section experience was very easy and we saw our beautiful boy!

Mom bonding with baby

I was in recovery for a few hours where our parents were able to come see Liam and we could spend some time as new parents under the close watch of nurses.

A few hours later things took an unexpected turn when Liam was sent to the NICU for low blood sugar and a low temp. We thought he would be in for a day or so but it ended up being 5.5 days. Our NICU experience, while scary, was wonderful. The nurses we had in the NICU were so loving and caring and were the biggest cheerleaders and support. The night before Liam was to be released from the NICU they let us sleep in a room with him. We got to care for him but they were close by if we had questions.

Welcome Baby Liam!

I have to admit while I was happy to take him home I was sad to leave an experience that even though was not what we had expected but nonetheless was everything we needed. We got to enjoy a celebratory intimate dinner just us which was great because it would be about 6 months before that happened again! I remember in our tour they talked about this but the food was SO SO GOOD!

Medical City Healthcare is one of the region's largest, most comprehensive healthcare providers and includes 9 hospitals with maternity and childbirth services. At the hospitals of Medical City Healthcare, you can expect to find high-quality, specialized care for mom and baby — combined with thoughtful amenities designed to create a unique, personalized, unforgettable childbirth experience. As I mentioned, our experience was the highest quality.

Each year since Liam was born we have attended the Medical City Children's Hospital NICU reunion! It's a fun day to see the nurses who helped our sweet boy, and other NICU parents we met. It's also a yearly reminder as to how much we love this hospital.

I will admit becoming a mom of two is a little scary to think about but I know I will be in the best hands possible at a hospital we trust!

What was one thing about your hospital you really appreciated?

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