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Take Care Winter 2019

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Kicking the Odds

Uriah, the first baby in North Texas to undergo complex open womb surgery (that’s surgery on an unborn baby!) was treated for spina bifida at Medical City Children’s Hospital by Timothy Crombleholme, MD — director of the hospital’s Fetal Care Center and one of only a handful of surgeons nationwide qualified to perform open surgery on unborn babies. His referring physician, Kevin Magee, MD, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist at Medical City Dallas, felt it was the best option to treat the debilitating birth defect. Watch as Dr. Crombleholme and Uriah’s parents discuss his diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

A Life Saved — Again and Again

Sheryl Blazer thought AFib was her only heart problem, but a special piece of clothing given to her by Medical City McKinney cardiac electrophysiologist Dale Yoo, MD, diagnosed her with a second heart condition and saved her life — three times.

Shocking Cancer Diagnosis, Then Reassuring Care

Charleen Richardson is happy to have found Medical City Arlington breast surgeon Adewuni Ojo, MD, when she was diagnosed with two types of breast cancer. In the video below, Dr. Ojo explains how cancer patients can benefit from the additional experience gained by fellowship-trained surgeons.

Qualifying for Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

Natalie Britt, MD, a bariatric surgeon at Medical City Lewisville (where Deb Curfman received her weight loss surgery), explains the qualifications for surgery. Call 855-880-4625 to find a Medical City Healthcare bariatric program near you.

Phenomenal Finding at the ER

Abdominal pain is one of the leading causes for ER visits. That’s what LaShonda Holmes Wells had when she checked in to Medical City Alliance’s hospital-based emergency department, Medical City ER Saginaw. But what they found was more than just a stomachache. Watch LaShonda and her caregivers discuss her surprise cancer diagnosis.

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