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Take Care Fall 2019

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Destination of choice for heart and spine care

In October 2019, Medical City Healthcare opened Medical City Heart Hospital and Medical City Spine Hospital. These two new dedicated centers provide patients with access to expert treatment, advanced technology and compassionate care delivered through a unique concierge experience. 

Good call: Dialing 911 saved Philip’s life

Philip Smith of Frisco—a fit, healthy 39-year-old marathon runner—suffered a massive “widow-maker” heart attack one morning after a run. His wife, Megan, called 911 and started a chain of care that got him to Medical City Frisco and saved his life. Sometimes, dialing 911 is the right call. 

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We care like family

Kelli Stahl survived childhood leukemia but was unsure if treatment had left her unable to have children. When she did become pregnant, she wanted the expertise that she knew her “family” at Medical City Weatherford could provide.

Shocking recovery

Ed Burkett died 44 times while being treated for a heart attack at Medical City Denton. The dedicated heart team used every tool and skill they had to save Ed’s life. Less than a month later, Ed was back on the golf course.

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