Medical City Fort Worth
October 14, 2020

Fort Worth – Patients undergoing spine surgery at Medical City Fort Worth may recover quicker and be exposed to less radiation due to a new minimally-invasive surgical platform. Medical City Fort Worth, a pioneer in advanced robotic surgical services and treatments, is currently the first hospital in Texas to offer this innovative robot-assisted navigation system, which allows physicians greater visualization of spine anatomy and real time feedback on implant placement throughout the procedure.

Minimally invasive spine surgery can improve pain levels and quality of life for patients suffering from spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spaces within the spine, which can put painful pressure on the nerves. This new platform combines real-time GPS imaging technology, a robotic arm and full navigation capabilities to assure accurate alignment and placement of hardware throughout the surgery. The platform is also designed to enhance patient safety through radiation reduction and improved efficiency for less time in the operating room.

“This fully-integrated platform for minimally invasive spine surgery can reduce the length of time patients stay in the hospital and lessen recovery time,” says Grant Booher, MD, a neurosurgeon on the medical staff at Medical City Fort Worth. “The platform also reduces exposure to radiation for patients as well as clinicians in the operating room.”

The device is part of Medical City Healthcare’s Radiation Right program, aimed at reducing and preventing excess radiation exposure, which can accumulate over time.

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