About the Medical City Healthcare Transport Center

The Medical City Healthcare Transport Service offers the only transport specialty teams with the ability to provide high risk obstetrical, neonatal, and critical care pediatric patient transport into the Medical City Healthcare hospital system. We assist in transporting patients by ground, helicopter, and fixed wing. Each transport will include two registered flight nurses with specialty care training who offer a high level of care in a dynamic setting.

We are committed to providing safe, physician-directed medical travel. In support of that commitment, three Medical Directors review the Transport Teams and Patient Transfer Center operations and provide feedback to afford us the opportunity to continuously improve the quality of care/service we provide.

The Medical City Healthcare Transfer Center provides twenty-four hour access to the Transport Teams. This unique service simplifies the process of getting a patient transferred to the right hospital, to the right specialists, at the right time. The Patient Transfer Center is staffed by registered nurses and EMT/Paramedics who will assist in arranging the transport logistics.

Please call to let us know how we may assist in the care of your patient.

Maternal Transport Team
(877) 422-9337

Neonatal/Pediatric Transport Team
(877) 422-9337

Medical City Healthcare is committed to providing open communication to you. The Transport Teams offer customized education in a collaborative environment to meet your specific needs. We recognize and support the partnership we establish with you to care for these patients in a family-centered care environment. The unique offerings at our facilities make it possible for the mother and baby to stay in the same facility. From neonates to pediatrics to high risk obstetrics, the Medical City Healthcare Hospitals are poised to care for your patients in need of a higher level of care.